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Project Description
XNA platform game. Inspired by Monty's Revenge and Battle Kid. This project will serve as an example of how to code a platform game in C# using the XNA framework. Features include: Gamestory, Bosses, Enemies, Simple 2D Physics, Multiple screens and the list goes on...


POC Release 5 uploaded!
To download the game go to Downloads

Future Plans
Proof of Concept Release 6 (Not Started)
  • Technical stuff
    • Refactoring: SoundFX hardcoding replaced by configuration
    • Recfatoring: Class properties reviewed and moved to superclasses if necessary
    • Rewriting: pre-load music in order to avoid in-game "lagging"
    • New feature: If XNA framework is missing it will be handled.. maybe by suggesting a download!?
    • ..and just some cleaning up...
  • Graphics
    • Bullet (currently just a black rectangle)

Proof of Concept Release 7 (Not Started)
  • Technical stuff
    • New feature: Check point.
    • New feature: Exit level using a exit-tile
    • Rewriting: New Collision Correction (to allow "sloped" tiles)?
  • Graphics
    • Checkpoint-tile
    • Exit-tile: door
    • Map of all stages

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