Game Idea...

Feb 15, 2011 at 2:12 PM

So the game idea is basically this:


Mr.Dev gotta get through a nasty day at the office. Mr. Dev is a developer. He works hard and is forced to show all his insane skills to be able to get through the day and get his Paycheck while Mr.Dev goes hunting for the PAY CHECK he will go through a number of "single screens" as the story unfolds. Starting when he arrives at the office in a large company (where ofcause he works..). On his journey he meets a number of bosses that has to be "handled". When the final boss is cleared he is rewarded and receives his PAY CHECK.


  • Bosses with different skillz
  • Enemies with different skillz
  • Checkpoint system allowing to save and recall games
  • Some kind of point-system and highscore list
  • Nice sound and graphics :)