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Shot from Release 5: ...Mr.Dev on his way to work... watch out for the cars!!

How to install and launch the game:
  1. If you dont have the XNA framework or really dont know if you got it - download and install it (you can also find the in Downloads
  2. Go to Downloads and download the binaries for the latest stable version.
  3. Unzip the file
  4. Double-click MrDev.exe
  5. Have fun! :)
Building source code
In order to build the source code you need to:
  1. Install Visual Studio 2008 if not already installed.
  2. In order to build and execute the project you need to install Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.1 - google it or try this link:
  3. Download the source code for a given release (go to the "Source Code" section and download latest version)
  4. Now unzip the code
  5. Double click the *.sln file
  6. Press F5 - and Visual Studio will build and run the solution.
FAQ will be builded when needed...

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